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Coal Pulverizer Overhauls Increase Combustion Performance

Maintaining the grind performance of a pulverizer ensures the proper operation of a coal boiler in industrial operations

An important component of fossil fuel power generation is the pulverizer, which ensures the fineness of the pulverized coal dust being burned. An effective coal pulverizer overhaul is a preferred proactive maintenance opportunity to help you increase the efficiency of an aging or heavily-used boiler. And when performed in conjunction with other mechanical tunings, you can ensure the optimal operation of your equipment and extend its operational lifetime.

Thermal energy output from the pulverized coal has a direct relationship with the fineness of the coal and thus, boiler combustion performance. Extreme Precision has extensive experience in coal pulverizer overhauls that help maintain the grind ability that leads to increased performance for power plants employing this type of equipment.

Extreme Precision has completed major rebuilds on 6 B&W roll wheel pulverizers—including changing pressure frames, spring frames, classifiers, cones, wall liners, table segments, and all associated equipment. Such coal pulverizer overhauls include tuning improvements that helped customers enhance the output of their power generation equipment.

Over the years, Extreme Precision has amassed a great amount of knowledge and insight in our coal pulverizer overhaul projects, covering these common challenges:

• Maintaining proper spring tension on pressure frames
• Maintaining proper shimming for wear plates
• Keeping proper alignment of pressure frame to gearbox and table
• Leveling and centering of the roll wheel assemblies

Extreme Precision has completed several dozen pulverizer inspections and roll wheel changeouts in Multiple B&W roll wheel pulverizers. Our team has also performed wear plate replacements and proper alignments of the frame to the tables. Overall, these coal pulverizer overhaul efforts have helped our customers remain operational within optimal performance parameters.

By rebuilding a pulverizer proactively and using expert support from Extreme Precision, power plant managers can maintain operational excellence for numerous tons of coal—and without excessive downtime for repairs. Our coal pulverizer overhaul services maintains your equipment with measurable results that are directly related to increased boiler performance.

Trust Extreme Precision Industrial Contractors with your coal pulverizer overhaul needs. Contact us today at (307) 257-8174 to request a quote for your upcoming project.

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