When considering proposals from service providers, remember that the cheaper option is often driven by important factors that can eventually come back and haunt you

It is often said that if you want something Fast and Cheap, then chances are it won’t be Good. The same goes for wanting Good and Cheap, which means it won’t be completed as Fast as you’d like to. And by the same token, if you want Good and Fast, for certain it will not be Cheap.

Having said all this, at Extreme Precision we have developed a reputation for being an optimal provider of industrial mechanical services. Still, we find ourselves defending our position when compared to other competitors. In fact, some of those competitors’ service pricing is so low that makes you wonder how they can possibly deliver the quality you really need.

At Extreme Precision, our approach to delivering quality is based on pricing each project to ensure we can do the job right—without rushing and to ensure our performance meets your needs with safety and quality. After all, we want to not only earn your business once, but rather develop a long-term business relationship as your premier provider of mechanical services.

So, what should you be watching out for in a mechanical services contractor? Here are some of the most common oversights or poor decisions made by prospective customers:

  • Failing to check references – If you are looking to work with a mechanical services provider, you sure better know what kind of work they’ve done before—and whether those customers are willing to hire them again. In today’s world, transparency and honesty are values associated to good business demeanor.
  • Failing to read the proposal thoroughly – Quite often, in the rush of trying to secure a contract, a prospective customer may do a topical review of the performance, deliverables, terms, and other critical points of information on a contract. You may actually uncover discrepancies in a contract—a telltale of a bigger quality control issue.
  • Failing to check the quality of materials – If you don’t pay attention to what is being promised in exchange for monetary compensation, you won’t be able to complain after the fact. Always check to make sure the materials used meet your quality standards, which can save you from heartaches and litigation after the fact.
  • Failing to compare apples to apples – The old adage holds true when comparing the pricing model. A reputable and established mechanical services contractor does not try to undersell on the price-value equation. As millionaire investor Warren Buffett always says: “Price is what you pay, value is what you get.”

In contrast, we should also point out why our company can meet any challenge our customers bring—and these include the fact:

  • We can react quickly to your requests—whether it is a planned outage, a maintenance request or an emergency situation.
  • We have teams on-call 24 hours a day and 7 days a week—because we know you never know when you may need us.
  • We have a 10,200 square-foot facility in Gillette, Wyoming—but can also come to your location to work on-site if needed.
  • We only employ qualified contractors and mechanical services professionals—and they take great pride in the workmanship they deliver.

Extreme Precision does not do cheap work, because that can come back and haunt us for years to come and we value our reputation. We rather price projects right from the beginning and this ensures you get good quality and effective solutions for all your mechanical services need across a range of industries and sectors.

A good contractor is confident that its pricing model meets the demands of not only the customer, but also ensures that it can deliver the quality and performance they deserve. Extreme Precision has been working hard for many years and we know our business well enough to stand proud and firm on our ability to deliver—project after project.

If you are ready to see what Extreme Precision can do, start a conversation by calling us at (307) 257-8174 or click on the Contact Us tab on this page to request a quote.

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