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In-House Prefab Welding Equals Cost Savings for Customers

In-House Prefab Welding Equals Cost Savings for Customers

Extreme Precision’s 10,000-square foot industrial fabrication facility contains all the welding equipment, tools and prefab elements that can consistently assure our customers’ satisfaction

When it comes to producing quality results, nothing beats the prefabrication advantage for industrial welding products. Extreme Precision is known for producing many products with industrial applications—including piping spool pieces, platforms, stairs, landings, and many more. To achieve the speed, cost-effectiveness and accuracy, our welding team has developed a system that depends largely on the use of prefab elements to quickly assemble such products.

Spring is a season when many customers seek to repair or replace aging or worn-and-torn industrial equipment. As demand increases, Extreme Precision prides itself in the ability to deliver what customers want thanks to our assembly mastery, which uses a prefab strategy to reduce production costs and still deliver on-time and on-budget. Case in point, the majority of our piping is assembled in-house, allowing for swift installation when it arrives to our customers’ location.

Here are some more reasons why you should rely on Extreme Precision’s in-house prefab assembly strategies:

It is Safer for Your Team—and Ours

Let’s start with one of the most important reasons: safety. Extreme Precision knows that a human resource is precious, both in your team and ours, which is why safety is always a priority. We adhere to best practices in every level, from quality to accuracy, but no one can afford an accident. The reality is that the industrial work we do requires care and diligence, followed by skill and knowledge. Our facilities offer the controlled environment that ensures safety can remain a top value for our welding team.

There is No Exposure to the Elements

Quite often the equipment we produce must be installed in an exposed area. That said, every season has its challenges depending on the location where our customers are located. Extreme heat in the summer or chilling cold in the winter–and rain, thunder and other weather events. The exposure can not only wear down on the fabrication team, but also cause delays in the production of project.

Fosters Increased Focus without Distractions

At Extreme Precision, we have created an industrial fabrication environment conducive to our business and craft. The opportunity to keep our production at its most efficient rate is ensured by working in a facility that is familiar to our team. We don’t have people walking into our worksite and everyone understands that the value provide is based on the quality produced by focused work. And since we are using many prefab elements, no one is worrying about our ability to deliver what we promised.

Cost-Effective and More Efficient

Our team works primarily in-house without the need to travel, except on occasions when the work warrants it. By keeping our teams in the same workplace and using prefab elements, we are not

charging customers additional costs such as equipment transportation or team member travel and per diem. And the fact we work in a focused environment, ensures that time is spent where it counts the most, thus reducing the cost of production which translates into cost-effective projects for customers.

In-House Quality Control

Extreme Precision follows best practices and industry standards that are best managed at our production facility. Every prefab piece is checked for viability before we begin production. Our management team understands that prior to a final product shipping out of our facility, it must undergo thorough inspection and testing before it is delivered to a customer. The pride of workmanship is our best way to show our customers that we are committed to our craft.

The bottom line is simple: in-house prefabrication has a direct effect on the production cost and quality, which becomes a measureable benefit for industrial customers. Every team member at Extreme Precision knows that a satisfied customer equals repeat business—and future referrals. Therefore, we are committed to continuing to produce the highest quality of products to ensure long term relationships across the industries we serve.

Contact Extreme Precision today to discuss you project needs and discover how working together can support your industrial equipment needs.

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