Certifications and Accreditaions

In the world of industrial services, precision isn’t just a goal—it’s the expectation. At Extreme Precision, we maintain this standard with a relentless commitment to excellence, upheld by our wide range of certifications. These industry-recognized marks of quality are your guarantee of safety and professionalism. Partner with a leader in certified welding, machining, and fabrication services. Review our certifications and feel confident in every project.

In an industry where details are crucial, Extreme Precision is backed by certifications that make a real difference. We meet global standards of quality and safety, as shown by our:

  • ISN Compliance:

    We consistently follow international safety and performance standards.

  • BROWZ Compliance:

    Proof of our alignment with key industry requirements.

  • NDSC ECCS Compliance:

    Our commitment to employee safety and environmental protection is paramount.

  • OSHA Certified:

    Our practices meet the strict guidelines of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

  • MSHA Certified:

    We comply with the Mine Safety and Health Administration's exacting standards.

In-House Certifications and Accreditations

Our in-house certifications convey not just a commitment, but an assurance of supreme quality. With the In House CWI (Certified Welding Inspector), we maintain rigorous checks on welding standards, ensuring operational excellence. The NBIC Certified #11767 credential is a clear indication of our superior capacity to conduct boiler and pressure vessel repairs under the strictest standards.

Welding and Fabrication Excellence

We not only meet the industry bar – we raise it. As an AISC Structural Fabrication Member with proficiencies in SMAW, GMAW, and GTAW processes, Extreme Precision sets the pinnacle for welding and fabrication capabilities. Our qualifications consolidate our position as pioneers in delivering precision, expertise, and high-grade industrial solutions.

Welding And Fabrication
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