We have a customer-centric approach that is service-oriented to support all mechanical needs within our capabilities and scope

Extreme specializes in providing mechanical services that take the work load away from the customer, allowing them to focus on more important aspects of their business. We serve as an excellent strategic partner for our customers and their facilities, primarily thanks to our highly-skilled team—and we are always ready, willing and able to assist with daily tasks or large outage projects.

Our mechanical work covers pulverizers, ash handling equipment, pumps, gearboxes, centrifugal fans, axial fans, air-cooled condenser fans, electric motor replacement, and soot blower repair, among other equipment. We are often asked to visit the project location and support our customers’ planning of the scope of work with direct on-site consultation—even if we are not the service provider.

As always, we plan, organize and manage every aspect of your mechanical project with safety in mind. Our company believes that accidents are preventable through effective planning and implementation of the appropriate safeguards, procedures and best practices. This builds trust with customers and eliminates the need for their constant supervision.

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