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Periodic Pulverizer Maintenance

Periodic Pulverizer Maintenance

The condition of coal pulverizers has a direct relationship with combustion performance and Extreme Precision has extensive experience in the maintenance of this critical component in fossil fuel plants

At Extreme Precision, we get the calls to come out and maintain coal pulverizers and we can attest to the essential need for periodic maintenance to ensure optimal performance. Over time, any deterioration and inefficiencies related to the pulverization of coal can decrease the availability of your industrial equipment.

By design, coal pulverizers grind down coal into fine particles in accordance to the Hardgrove Grindability Index or HGI—a procedure that has been standardized by industrial organizations, including ASTM-Standard D409 and DIN 51742. The pulverized coal is then burned in the boiler and then blown into the boiler chamber (i.e. firebox), where it produces combustion.

While simple to explain, the fact is that there are many factors that can affect the efficient operation of this combustion process. Extreme Precision works with customers to ensure that their coal pulverizers are kept at their optimal condition, sharing best practices and delivering prompt maintenance service. This is of particularl importance when your equipment is quickly approaching—or has exceeded—the OEM’s operational lifetime for your coal pulverizers.

To ensure your coal pulverizers are maintained properly on a regular basis, Extreme Precision advocates regular inspections and the tracking of maintenance milestones and intervals to determine your next maintenance event. The last thing we want to see when a customer calls us is to have to deliver grim news about the condition—and potential replacement—due to a “run to failure” scenario.

Among the most critical inspection areas are the gearbox and oil analysis, as well as a physical evaluation to determine if any damage has the potential for increased challenges. Your goal as a plant manager or administrator is to reduce any risks that can eventually lead to failure and/or a safety issue. With this in mind, Extreme Precision’s knowledge and experience is available to help you determine what kind of scenario you are dealing with in your coal pulverizer.

The reality of industrial equipment maintenance is that it is subject to extreme conditions that place exceptional stress on equipment such as coal pulverizers. As part of your best practices, consider inquiring with Extreme Precision and consulting with us on the results your inspection has produced. Our collective approach brings both sides’ experience and knowledge to work together in finding a coal pulverizer maintenance solution that makes sense and is cost-effective.

Call Extreme Precision today to explore your coal pulverizer maintenance options—from preventive maintenance to overhauls—and let us deliver a cost-effective solution for your pulverizer’s maintenance.

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