Extreme Precision’s maintenance practices during pump and piping installations ensure your pipes are aligned to reduce pipe strain

More than two thirds of industrial pump failures are attributed primarily to misalignment issues—and of those, over 80 percent of the failure can be tracked back to pipe strain. Extreme Precision’s experience and knowledge of this type of mechanical project has led to high level of customer satisfaction, not just due to the proper installation, but to a reduction of potential issues in later months and years after the installation project is complete.

The issue that causes pipe strain is simple: misalignment between a pump unit and flanges eventually leads to forces acting on it, which can lead to equipment deformation and distortion of flow. Under duress, bolts will faulter and by the time you notice the failure—it may be too late and very costly to repair, including complete repair well before the fulfillment of the equipment’s operational lifetime.

We actively work with our customers’ maintenance managers, maintenance foremen, and other personnel—such as plant operators—to ensure the communication between both parties assures a thorough assessment of potential pipe strain issues. Every year, pump failures cost companies hundreds of thousands of dollars, largely as a result of lack of precision during an installation project.

Today’s competitive environment requires up-time for industrial operations, which are often challenged by downtime related to maintenance or reactive repairs due to failures—many of which could be prevented by hiring a competent mechanical services company like Extreme Precision. We’ve not only been around for many years, but we’ve also seen countless scenarios and situations related to pipe strain, which could have been prevented during the initial assembly stage.

A proper installation of a pump reduces premature failures, excessive leakage at flanged connections, and excessive leakage at the seals/packing. In addition, proper flange installation on piping systems, proper soft foot checks on pumps and motors, and proper measurements during bolting applications further reduce or eliminate risks associated with the assembly process. With this in mind, Extreme Precision has the proper precision-measuring tools, which are handled by skilled craftsmen to ensure your pump system is installed correctly.

Every time Extreme Precision responds to a project request, we have to inevitably think of ensuring pump availability, as well as our own ability to help customers spend less money on future equipment repairs or component replacements—all of which can be mitigated by following established industry standards, applying our field-hardened techniques and ensuring all team members follow our company’s best practices.

It’s no secret that other companies cut corners, particularly by installing pumps on skids and do without checking for pipe strain or by forcing piping to meet the pump flanges with the improper torqueing of flanges. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that such negligent actions can cause these systems to fail prematurely. And when it does fail, the cost of repair will far exceed that of any other preventive or proactive actions that could have been performed when the pump was first installed.

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