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Precision Laser Alignment from Extreme can Reduce Costlier Repairs

Turbomachinery alignment issues have a direct relationship with increases in maintenance and repair costs—as well as increasing fuel consumption expenditures that can further add to the cost

Rotating equipment operators know that maintaining proper alignment is both a Best Practice as it is a proactive effort for ensuring your machinery remains in optimal conditions—as well as increasing its operational lifetime. Downtime associated with shaft misalignment can also result in additional repairs that could have been avoided, only if the equipment had undergone a thorough alignment process.

Extreme Precision uses Prüftechnik OPTALIGN Smart RS5 to perform precision laser alignments. This German-made device offers the most precise shft alignment procedure to ensure accuracy that goes beyond traditional alignment techniques. Over time, the rotation, vibration and other forces at play will place extreme duress on rotating equipment, which inevitably will lead to misalignment issues.

Proper laser alignment is proven to reduce a tremendous amount of manpower and maintenance costs that would otherwise be spent on unnecessary repairs or upkeep for rotating equipment.

Most companies spend a lot of time on large motor alignment, however the smaller machines is where the large dollar and manpower savings can come from. Extreme Precision works with clients operating these types of rotating equipment, supporting their alignment needs with accuracy and precision, but also with valuable advice and Best Practices to ensure their optimal operation.

In fact, industry statistics point to misalignment issues as the top reason for machinery faults, including seal failures, bearing failures and coupling failures among others.

It should be noted that quite often the focus of unscheduled maintenance has been on smaller machines. This clearly points to the need for routine inspection and maintenance that can prevent alignment issues before they become more critical in nature. Alignment checks should be a priority and Extreme Precision is always ready to assist with our specialized laser alignment knowledge.

There is no way around this topic: Precision alignments will save big dollars in maintanace costs—but we can only help if you reach out with an inquiry requesting this service. We invite you to tap into Extreme Precisions’ experience and knowledge to support your maintenance of rotating equipment and discover the advantage and benefits of working with our expert team.

Contact us today for more information about Extreme Precision’s laser alignment services for rotating equipment—don’t wait until it is too late to take action.

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