Extreme Precision Industrial Contractors, LLC has worked on a variety of projects across multiple industries

We invite you to explore our work by reading about each of our project successes. We will update this section periodically with new entries, helping you understand the breadth of projects we have worked on—and our capabilities in delivering exceptional results.


These pulverizers have been in service for over 25 years and needed a complete overhaul and replacement of all internal components to maintain coal fineness and grind ability. A couple of these Pulverizer’s had loosened from the foundation and the loading rods were breaking constantly causing mill outages to do the repair. Extreme Precision core drilled the foundation and reattached to the footings and installed new epoxy grout. After the completion of the overhaul, this equipment has been in service with no issues.

  • Complete rebuild of Roll Wheel MPS 67 coal pulverizer’s including removal and replacements of Swing Valve Seats, Classifier, Classifier Cone, Feed Inlet pipe, Ceramic Wall Liner panels, Pressure frame, Spring frame, Table segments, Rotating Throats, Yoke assembly, Air seals, Roll Wheels, Seal air tubes, Seal Air Header and all associated equipment.

  • This project included weld buildup and profiling of torque blocks and swing valve seat area in the turret assembly.

  • Removing old grout, core drilling for new anchors, and re-grouting pedestal to foundation.

  • After new components were installed, wheels and pressure frame were aligned to the center of the gearbox and shimmed as per the manufacture specifications.


Installation of new ash handling system for separating fly ash from bottom ash in a power generating station. The old design allowed mixing of the 2 ash systems into the slurry tank causing severe wear and high maintenance costs to the customer. The new design has been in service for a period of time and the result has been reduced maintenance on the slurry system.

  • Design and Fabrication of all structure and pipe supporting brackets.
  • Install new separator on top of slurry storage tank.
  • Installed new airlines for all the valves and actuators for the system.
  • Install all new ash handling piping and valves to new separator and to ash storage silo.
  • Coordinated all electrical and controls upgrades for new system.


Removal and installation of one Induced draft fan rotor and one forced draft fan rotor, for a large paper/pulp processing plant. This project was to replace the existing fans with larger diameter fan wheels to reduce overall energy consumption. The Induced draft fan was on located on the top of the boiler and required a 550-ton crane for removal of rotor. The Forced draft fan was located on the bottom floor and required using heavy machinery rollers to roll fan out of building.

  • Installed new monorail beams to support removal of rotors.
  • Removed old fan assemblies and lower to ground level.
  • Prepared old fan housing to accept new rotors.
  • AInstalled new rotors into existing housings.
  • Installed new bearing assemblies for rotors.
  • Used Optalign for precision alignment of rotor to motor.