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Proper Grouting for Rotating Machinery Reduces Costs in the Long Run

Extending the operational lifetime of rotating equipment should be a top priority for operators, allowing them to reduce costlier repairs and unscheduled maintenance over time

Proper machinery grouting is fundamental to ensuring the longevity of rotating equipment used in industrial applications. Best Practices dictate that rotating equipment base plates need to be grouted in place for proper installation, which in turn helps reduce other potential issues. Field corrections are often the culprit of a bad grouting job, thus adding costs beyond normal maintenance.

Up to 65% of lifecycle costs are determined during design, procurement and installation of new machinery applications. This means that proper grouting is a preventative measure that could be easily overlooked, especially when there is distortion or voids in the mounting ensemble. Moreover, accurate leveling ensures that the equipment will avoid many issues related to grouting in the years ahead.

Proper grouting should result in void-free installation, as well as accurate leveling and adherence to industry standards. Any attempts to cut costs can result in tenfold increases in maintenance costs, downtime and effort.

Grouting a baseplate to the foundation requires careful attention to details. A successful grout job will provide a mounting surface that is flat, level, very rigid and completely bonded to the foundation system. Extreme Precision is very knowledgeable of the grouting process and applies a breadth of experience to not only ensure the job is done right the first time—but also that it will prevent future issues related to the grouting installation process.

Grout is an essential process during the installation and has a direct relationship with future issues. Over time, grout is subject to dynamic forces that can lead to fatigue. However, when properly grouted, your machinery can withstand fatigue and thermal forces at play during normal operations. In the end, you will benefit from the stability of maximum contact with the baseplate, decreasing the risk of failure throughout the equipment’s lifetime.

Contact Extreme Precision today with any questions about the grouting process and allow our team of experts to support your installation or re-grouting needs.

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