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Reduce Failure Risk with the Proper Installation of Rotating Equipment

Industrial operations such as power generation requires expert rotating equipment installation to reduce the risk of premature equipment failure

The rotating equipment used in industrial operations is constantly subject to factors that can challenge its performance. From extreme heat to physical wear and tear, there are many forces at play that can lead to a critical—if not disastrous—failure that can shut down your operation. In addition, increases in power consumption are often closely related to mechanical issues that could have been resolved during the rotating equipment installation process.

Our experience shows that the proper rotating equipment installation increases operational run times and the overall service life for our customers. Furthermore, availability is a prime goal of every plant manager and Extreme Precision works closely with our customers during the full spectrum of rotating equipment installation procedures.

“Extreme Precision’s collaborative approach ensures that the installation process is not only effective from the start, but also sets the stage for proper maintenance after installation”
– Gerry Miller, Extreme Precision Industrial Contractors

Extreme Precision offers extensive knowledge and experience, including rotating equipment installation for many components—and our management team follows all OEM guidelines and industry safety parameters. We also bring into play our expert insight and proven techniques to ensure your equipment is installed with optimal results.

With Extreme Precision’s support, our customers’ maintenance personnel can focus on other critical areas and reallocate their effort where needed most. The reliability and performance of Extreme Precision ensures that every rotating equipment installation project is done within budget and within deadline.

Extreme Precision’s rotating equipment installation services cover every component in the assemblage, including:

• Pumps
• Blowers
• Fans
• Motors
• Base Plates
• Bolts/Nuts/Cap Screws
• Foundation
• Elevations
• Grout Work

In addition, Extreme Precision’s staff uses the latest technologies and tools to ensure the proper installation of a complete range of equipment. Beyond installation, we can swiftly respond to maintenance requests to help you mitigate potential threats and remediate prior rotating equipment installation issues before they become a problem.

The Extreme Precision team can support your rotating equipment installation with alignment, torqueing of equipment and pipe strain checks—all done properly to improve your equipment run times and reduce power consumption.

Trust Extreme Precision Industrial Contractors with all your rotating equipment installation needs. Contact us today at (307) 257-8174 to request a quote for your installation project.

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