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Safety is a Core Value for Delivering Excellence in Fabrication

Every fabrication or construction project adheres to the highest level of safety measures to prevent mistakes and potential injury for both our Extreme Precision team and for our customers’ personnel

Safety is the most important aspect of any construction project or fabrication project that Extreme Precision takes on. There’s no negotiation on this core value: we do our work with safety in mind—or we don’t do it at all. Industrial environments and any construction being done in them have a great deal of inherent danger associated with such projects.

For starters, welding at an industrial site comes with risks that range from corrosive substances to extreme heat and heavy equipment being moved around. Extreme Precision invests a great deal in our human resources—all skilled workers with experience and knowledge that can span a few decades. Protecting them is of paramount importance for our business’ continuity and our brand’s reputation.

Many companies fail to acknowledge how safety is closely tied to their industry reputation, as well as their ability to gain repeat business. Like anyone else in the industry, Extreme Precision has marketing and business development initiatives that help us gain the attention of potential customers. However, we also enjoy a great reputation that generates referrals from both past customers and their associates.

Safety is a priority wherever we go, and employees are expected to work safely on the job and take safety home with them. This mindful approach at safety is what ensures that Extreme Precision team members can return home to their families after a project is complete. We are human and our lives are our most precious resource.

We are constantly professing the need to exercise caution at a work site. Reminding them is not nagging—it is ensuring that our core value of safety is always “top of mind” and our team knows that we do it for their safety. This state of mind-approach allows everyone to be vigilant and mindful whenever Extreme Precision is working on-site.

When a skilled worker gets hurt, it’s not only a loss of revenue for its employer, but a major change in the life of that team member’s family. Therefore, our employees are—and will always be—our most valuable asset. If one of them is injured on the job, such an accident hurts all of us.

When Extreme Precision takes on a new project, we work with the site management and identify potential threats. We also engage in constant communication that creates awareness for the most minimal threat. If a threat is identified, we train everyone to stop, regroup and discuss it. After all, if we know what the threat is, we can always develop a solution that ensures safety before, during and after the project is complete.

There are no shortcuts when it comes to being safe—and this is testimony of our desire to remain a safe and diligent provider for our customers. If you value safety the way we do, then Extreme Precision is the company you need for all your industrial welding needs.

Now that you know this, contact Extreme Precision today at (307) 257-8174 to discuss your upcoming projects and how we can provide our expertise, knowledge and safety approach.

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