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Weld Quality Starts with Adherence to Industry Standards and Best Practices

Extreme Precision takes pride in the high-quality welding process for platforms and buildings, ensuring the exceptional customer satisfaction

Welding codes and standards are established to ensure consistency in the delivery of quality and performance. While government may impose certain rules and regulations, it is up to industry or trade organizations to lead the way for effective standards based on the collective experience of its contributors.

Extreme Precision’s work in a variety of Power Generation facilities, processing plants and related project sites requires that we are mindful of the relationship between our work quality and the performance of their equipment–long after our welders leave the site. For that reason, we have made a commitment to following industry organizations’ codes and standards that can ensure such a positive outcome.

One such standards-setting organization is the American Welding Society. AWS produces the largest amount of welding codes in the United States. However, the reputation of AWS codes and standards goes beyond our borders, with foreign companies placing high value on them as well.

Another well-known standards organization is the American Society of Mechanical Engineers. ASME’s Code for Pressure Piping is highly valued for industrial piping, ensuring safety and the proper application of best practices. Together with AWS these organizations play a vital role in Extreme Precision’s successful project outcomes.

Extreme Precision is committed to living up to our namesake and we adhere to the AWS D1.1 Structural Welding Code as our benchmark for excellence. With this in mind, all of our fabrication of platforms and buildings follow this code. From the beginning of a project until its completion, AWS D1.1 drives the quality control of our welding services.

Adding to our commitment to AWS D1.1, we also have welders who are qualified in ASME B31.1 power piping. To ensure quality, every weld done by Extreme Precision welders is required to pass inspection prior to moving on to the next step. In addition, any welder that welds on any of the products we fabricate is required to test and qualify in our welding procedures.

We want our customers to know this because our company is built on the premise that when we do the work right the first time, you will be calling us back for more opportunities to deliver our quality work.

And our commitment to AWS and ASME standards does not stop at following their established codes. Extreme Precision builds on their benchmarks and we are currently working on new procedures that will allow us to weld on high pressure lines, once our welders are qualified.

Every one of our team members at Extreme Precision knows our mission is to provide our customers with the highest quality product in the shortest amount of time to maximize the value of each dollar spent—Extreme Precision does it right the first time without cutting any corners.

Contact Extreme Precision today at (307) 257-8174 to discuss your upcoming welding project.

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