Industrial Services

Boost your efficiency and safety with our expert welding, machining, and fabrication services.

Extreme Precision brings accuracy and excellence to your facility. Count on us for top-quality welding, machining, and fabrication that form the base of enhanced performance. We elevate your operations to new levels of efficiency and safety.

Wide Range Of Services for Your Project Demands

Our installation, maintenance, and repair services keep your essential equipment running smoothly, ensuring dependability and heightened efficiency.

Maintenance and Repair for Power Plants:

  • Fans: Comprehensive inspections, installation, and precise adjustments.
  • Pulverizers: Regular maintenance checks, full overhauls, and spare parts.
  • Advanced Techniques: Laser alignment and vibration analysis for accuracy.
  • Bearings: Expert fitting, repair, and detailed replacements.
  • Gearboxes: Tailored installations and repairs.
  • Air heaters: In-depth inspections and full upgrades.
  • Industrial Products: A selection of high-quality products for any industry.
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coal fired power plant

Specialized Oil & Gas Services:

  • Tanks: Restoration, coating, and insulation to meet high standards.

  • Treaters: Targeted repairs, and insulation for top performance.

  • Piping: Professional coating, insulation, and heat tracing.

  • Pumps: Competent repairs, installations, and dependable controls.

  • Building Fabrication: Building from scratch, adjustments, and insulation.

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Mining and Agriculture Support:

  • Crushers: Upkeep and repairs for non-stop operation.

  • Conveyors: Belt work, repairs, and maintenance to prevent downtime.

  • Dust Control: Managing air quality and operational efficiency.

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Your Route to Industrial Service Solutions

Step 1: Initial Consultation

Let’s have a conversation. We’ll work to fully understand your operational needs and obstacles.

Step 2: Tailored Plan

We will create a personalized plan to meet your specific needs and goals.

Step 3: Expert Execution

Our knowledgeable team will handle your project with care. Expect top-notch service from start to finish.

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