Industrial Welding and Fabrication Machines

State-of-the-Art Equipment for Unmatched Quality

In an industry where precision is not just a goal but a necessity, Extreme Precision leads with a fleet of industrial welding and fabrication machines that meet the highest standards. Our advanced equipment suite is designed to accommodate the demands of safety-conscious project managers, provide cost-efficiency for operators, and deliver the innovation that engineers seek. Each machine’s capabilities reflect our commitment to quality and precision in every project we undertake.

175 ton Accurpress CNC Press Brake

When your project requires intricate fabrication with exact angles and consistent quality, our 175 ton Accurpress CNC Press Brake stands ready. Mastering complex bends with unparalleled control and precision, this machine is emblematic of our dedication to facilitating complex fabrications without compromise.

105 amp CNC ARCLIGHT Plasma Table

Efficiency is a top priority for any cost-conscious operator. The 105 amp CNC ARCLIGHT Plasma Table brings efficiency to life with its state-of-the-art cutting capabilities that minimize waste while maximizing productivity. Trust our Plasma Table to deliver clean and rapid cuts that keep your project on budget and on schedule.

Bertsch 75-10 Four Plate Roll

Our Bertsch 75-10 Four Plate Roll machine offers reliability in the precision shaping of metal components. Recognizing the importance of safety, this robust equipment guarantees uniform roll bending, critical for the structural integrity of your projects.

Marvel 81A 18″x20″ Vertical Bandsaw

For engineers requiring precision in cutting along with superior performance, the Marvel 81A 18″x20″ Vertical Bandsaw answers the call. This machine’s advanced technology and precision cutting capabilities are integral to achieving the fine tolerances needed for high-performance applications.


Piranha Shear & Punch Ironworker

The Piranha Shear & Punch Ironworker machine exemplifies versatility with its dual shearing and punching functions. This multitasking powerhouse is an advantageous asset for projects that benefit from streamlined processes while maintaining rigorous safety standards.

Summit 19X4X80 Lathe

Customization is often the key to surpassing expectations. The Summit 19X4X80 Lathe provides the high precision necessary to produce bespoke components to exact specifications, enabling a level of customized solution that sets projects apart.

Bridgeport 2HP Mill

In specialized engineering projects where details matter, the Bridgeport 2HP Mill is indispensable. With its ability to perform detailed and precise metalwork, it becomes the cornerstone for projects that require a master’s touch in metal crafting.

Louie JR LJ-25 HotTap

Our Louie JR LJ-25 HotTap machine brings precision drilling and tapping capabilities, even under pressure, directly to your worksite. It is the tool of choice for projects that can’t afford downtime or compromises, ensuring continued operations while extending essential services.

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