Oil & Gas Services

Expert Oil & Gas Maintenance and Repair

At Extreme Precision, we provide a full range of services for the oil and gas industry. Our experienced team is committed to delivering exceptional maintenance and repair that extends equipment life and enhances efficiency.

Tank Solutions

Repairs: We tackle all tank repairs, from fixing leaks to complex problems. Our protective coatings and tailored insulation keep your tanks durable and efficient.

Coatings: Our coatings protect the inside and outside surfaces of tanks from the elements, chemicals, and wear and tear. This smart prevention step saves you money by extending your assets’ lifespan.

Insulation: Effective insulation is key to keeping the contents of your tanks at the right temperature and saving energy. We customize our insulation to minimize heat loss or gain.

Piping Services

Coatings: We apply long-lasting coatings to piping systems to fight against rust and enhance their lifespan. This helps cut down on maintenance costs and extends the life of your infrastructure.

Insulation: Our insulation practices save energy and boost the efficiency of your operations. We carefully choose and install the right insulation for your piping systems.

Heat Tracing: Heat tracing services are provided to maintain pipe temperatures, which is important for preventing freezing and ensuring fluids stay at the correct temperature during transfer.

Pump Services

Repairs: We focus on getting your pumps back to optimal condition quickly. Fast repairs are vital to preventing small issues from causing big problems.

Installation: We ensure that pump installations meet the highest industry standards and integrate perfectly with your systems.

Troubleshooting: Our team quickly identifies and fixes issues to keep your productivity high.

Controls: We offer full support for your pump control systems, ensuring they run efficiently and give you the control you need.

Building Fabrication and Modification

New Builds and Modifications: We excel in constructing and modifying buildings, focusing on precision and structural strength. We deliver secure and efficient spaces designed for the oil and gas industry’s needs.

Insulation: Our specialized insulation enhances the performance of your buildings, supporting energy efficiency and safety.

Repairs: We ensure your facilities are safe and fully functional, handling all repairs, big and small, with utmost attention.

Installations: For installations ranging from the basics to complex machinery, we guarantee excellence in every task.

Oil & Gas Industry Products

Explore our dedicated oil and gas products, from expansion joints and pumps to filtration systems and much more, crafted to meet your industry-specific demands.

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