Mining and Agricultural Services

Welcome to Extreme Precision. Our name reflects our dedication to accuracy and quality in welding, machining, and fabrication for the oil and gas industry. We understand that every detail counts. That’s why we deliver services that meet the high standards of precision and performance required in your operations. 

Mining and Agricultural Services



Maintenance and Repair: Comprehensive upkeep and restoration services to ensure crushers operate at peak efficiency, minimizing downtime.

Chute Repairs: Specialized repair services for chutes to prevent blockages and maintain a smooth flow of materials.


Repair and Service: Expert conveyor system repairs and routine service checks to prevent unexpected failures.

Belt Installation: Professional installation of conveyor belts, ensuring optimal alignment and tension for efficient operation.

Replacement Components: High-quality replacement parts for conveyor systems, including rollers, belts, and motors, to extend equipment lifespan.

Dust Control

Repair and Maintenance: Regular maintenance and repair services for dust control systems to ensure environmental compliance and worker safety.

Replacement Components: Offering replacement parts for dust control systems to maintain effective operation and air quality.

Industry Related Products

Expansion Joints: Flexible connectors designed to absorb vibration and movement in piping systems, enhancing longevity.

Pumps: A wide range of pumps for various applications, ensuring efficient fluid movement and management.

Air Filtration: Advanced air filtration solutions to improve air quality and protect equipment and personnel.

Ceramics: Durable ceramic components that resist wear and corrosion, ideal for high-wear environments.

Fans: Industrial fans for ventilation and cooling, supporting a safe and comfortable working environment.

Idlers: Conveyor idlers that support belt integrity and promote smooth material transport.

Belting: High-quality conveyor belting solutions tailored to meet the demands of mining and agricultural applications.

Wear Liners: Protective linings for equipment surfaces to reduce wear and extend service life.

Dust Control: Solutions to manage and reduce dust in mining and agricultural settings, enhancing air quality.

High Wear Plastics: Durable plastic components designed to withstand harsh conditions and reduce maintenance.

Liquid Filtration: Systems and components for the effective filtration of liquids, ensuring purity and compliance.

Gearboxes: Robust gearboxes providing reliable power transmission for various machinery.

Vac Truck Replacement Parts: Essential parts for vacuum trucks, supporting maintenance and repair needs.

Mechanical Seals: Seals that prevent leaks in pumps and other rotating equipment, ensuring operational efficiency.

Cooling Tower Components: Parts and services for cooling towers to maintain optimal temperature control.

Med to High Voltage Induction Motors: Powerful and efficient motors designed for heavy-duty industrial applications.

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