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Bearing failure can be a common byproduct of a rushed installation or worse, the culprit of a critical breakdown when installers are not properly trained nor have the adequate experience. Our company has been installing bearings for years and during that time, Extreme Precision has seen a breadth of scenarios where we see first-hand what a previous—and improper installation by another outfit—has done to an industrial client.

Bearings may seem simple in design, but they are actually a highly-sensitive component that operates within tolerances—and this is where the benefit of lower noise and vibrations is directly related to the care and diligence of a bearing installation. By the same token, the strain and pressure to which bearings are subjected means that there will be particles, heat and other factors influencing the performance of the bearing ensemble.

Extreme Precision can support maintenance managers and personnel by installing bearings during periodic maintenance replacement or refurbishment schedules. In fact, the proper maintenance of bearings is also directly related to its industrial performance and the operational lifetime of this component. Our staff is well-versed in the proper installation techniques required by customers to ensure the installation is done correctly to avoid future problems.

Our staff is trained to follow strict guidelines for the installation of bearings, which include dedicating time to properly install such components. An experienced mechanical services professional will ensure that the time is spent double-checking a variety of critical bearing installation points to prevent an unplanned failure—one that could result in catastrophic failure or even the loss of human resources in certain scenarios.

Among these critical points of quality installation are the proper measurement of bearing fits and runouts on the shafts. To effectively measure before a bearing installation, Extreme Precision’s specialists will use precision-measurement tools to ensure the bearing will fit in accordance to established OEM tolerances. Also, we pay particular attention to ensuring the proper bearing alignment, which adds another element of potential breakdown if not performed according to best practices.

Now, one important factor during installation has nothing to do with tools or the equipment, but rather with the mindset of the bearing installation team. All projects Extreme Precision undertakes are evaluated for potential threats from other equipment and environmental conditions. We also ensure the area is clutter-free and without any potential distractions, communicating to facility managers the need to maintain a focused work environment.

As mentioned before, the bearing’s tolerance has a direct correlation to optimal performance and the reduction of factors leading to mechanical failure. After the bearing installation is complete, Extreme Precision’s customers can depend on the proper operation of their industrial equipment—allowing them to reach its L10 life or beyond with routine maintenance.

Please note that Extreme Precision can also install other industrial components, including sole plates, grouting, piping supports, removing pipe strain, removing soft foot conditions, and laser alignments—all done according to client specifications and industrial best practices.

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